I was in Instagram and I just saw a clip of Say Anything singing the ending of Belt with everybody on stage. And it made me so happy and nostalgic like fuck.

Also that’s how I learned about TFB.

I’m so homesick

Someone take me to see Basement in August for my birthday

My stomach has been so fucked up the past few days I’m completely over it. Like ugh.

I leave CT and now it feels like everybody is touring there. So I’m not happy.

Ugh my cousin is upset and yelling again at my grandma

Let it go is playing on the radio

I just woke up from a nap and am still sad about not going tonight.

QUICK! Somebody give me a ride to the La Dispute show in Tampa tomorrow! Please 🙏😩😫

Somebody give me tickets to see Lana Del Rey please and thank you