Everybody is fucking arguing and I want to die.

I’m still not over how last night when I was visiting my grandpa that he took his fucking IV out like nothing.

Being here has actually done more harm then good and every day I want to break down

I legitimately cannot find my fucking headphones!!!!! HOW WILL I SLEEP WITHOUT MY MUSIC???

I feel like the long hot showers and sleeping after last night just made me even more sore. Like it hurts even lifting my arms. I have no idea how I’m gonna be for tomorrow’s concert.

I’ve only slept like 3 hours on and off throughout the night and I just want to sleep. I’m so tired.

Okay so I was tagged by @casanovascorpse and the rules are you have to answer all the questions and then pass it on to 10 of your followers

Name: Lilybeth

Nickname: Lily

Birthday: August 16th

Gender: female 🚺 

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’5’

Time Zone: eastern

Time and Date Where You Are: September 7th 11:07pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7

OTP’s: Morgan and Reid

Last Thing I Googled: firestone venue

First Word That Comes to Mind: clothes👗

Last Thing Said to a Family Member: I guess I’ll just stay here😒

A Place That Makes You Happy and Why: Honestly all I can think is CT. I’ve just been really homesick since moving here and have been hating it here.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: 1

Favorite Beverage: Inka Kola

Last Movie Seen In The Cinema: If I Stay 

Advice For My Followers: Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today. (first thing that came to mind)

My Blogs: peruvianpanda.tumblr.com

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Happy cause parties with alcohol and then Denny’s again with family and pool and good food

I have your stupid shirt on so now I’m sad/mad.

Somebody buy me the I Wish I Could Stay Here banner from one of Basements shows. That’s literally all I want for my birthday.